FCCISL Launches Sri Lankan Entrepreneur of the Year Awards 2011


The Sri Lankan Entrepreneur of the Year Awards recognized as Sri Lanka’s highest national honor to the business community, grandeur and prestigious awards unparalleled to any other national awards scheme is launched by the Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Sri Lanka (FCCISL) on 6th July 2011 for the 16th year. This annual award scheme is designed especially to distinguish, reward and motivate Sri Lanka’s very own entrepreneurs to reach the pinnacle of achievement whilst contributing towards the national economy. The event is organized by FCCISL in association with its 52 member chambers and associations as a tribute to the country’s outstanding entrepreneurs both at provincial and national level. The awards ceremony was primarily launched based on a concept of former FCCISL President Mr. Patrick Amerasinghe.

The contestant enterprises have been grouped into four categories; Small for investments greater than Rs. 1 up to 2 million and Medium for investments of more than Rs. 2 million up to 20 million, Large for investments between Rs. 20-50 million and the Extra Large category for investments of over Rs. 50 million. The appropriate category of the enterprise will be determined by taking into account the total assets as at the last financial year.


There are also two special award categories, the Woman Entrepreneur of the Year and the Young Entrepreneur of the Year, motivating and recognizing the strength of the woman and young entrepreneurship and its contribution to the county’s economy providing gainful employment.  This exclusive award recognizes and brings to stage the visionary person behind the success driving its all resources and competencies towards achievement amidst vivid challenges and difficulties throughout his journey.

The event has earned its own credibility for its independent processes of judging by professionals and experts, representing diverse disciplines nominated from state and private sector institutions of the country covering different aspects of the programme. FCCISL member Chambers and other institutions including banks, leasing companies and insurance companies, like in the past will be actively promoting the event in all regions including the North and East. It is also noteworthy that FCCISL has been successful in attracting all business sectors – agriculture, services, industry and trading encompassing all 25 Districts in the 09 provinces.

The application process covers an all round evaluation by capturing entrepreneurial qualities including vision, mission, innovative strategies and business success in terms of financial performance, growth, future plans and response to social, environmental and statutory commitments as an entrepreneur.

Sri Lankan Entrepreneur of the Year is staged at two levels, provincial and national. Provincial awards will comprise 09 Gold awards for the nine provinces, 36 Silver awards comprising 04 awards each for the 09 provinces in the Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large categories. Similarly there will be 02 Bronze awards each in the 04 categories and therefore a total of 72 for 09 provinces with a total number of 117 provincial awards. Of the national awards, there will be an overall Platinum award winner followed by 04 Gold awards, 08 silver awards and 12 Bronze awards in the Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large categories with a total of 25 awards. Richard Jayatissa, Managing Director of Richard Trading Co. (Pvt) Ltd was the last year’s Sri Lankan Entrepreneur of the Year.

Sri Lankan Entrepreneur of the Year 2011 Application Forms will be available from 15th July at the FCCISL Secretariat located at No. 53, Vauxhall Lane, Colombo 2 and Regional / District member Chambers of FCCISL located island-wide.  They can be downloaded from www.entrepreneur.fccisl.lk website as well.